The Wonder People - Faces of Resilience People and Climate Change
Japan: Amazing Culture and Nature Niger: Beautiful and Surprising Iran: Amazing People and Nature Morocco: Slowly Changing Denmark at Its Best Canada: Around the Arctic Panama: Old & New Omo Valley Ethiopia: Tribes Threadened by Climate Change Guatemala: Coping with Climate Change Brazil: The Worst Drought Cuba: In Slow Transition Argentina: Glacier melt in Patagonia Syria in a changing climate Jordan: Climate and Other Impacts Algeria: In Transition Tunisia after the spring Egypt: Beyond the revolution Yemen hard hit by climate change Lebanon: Climate & other change Oman: A hidden gem Brazil: Drought (B&W) The Gulf: Here and now China in transition
Dust Storm in Wadi Rum Woman in Dust Storm Beduin in Wadi Araba Bedouin settlement in Wadi Rum Camels in Wadi Rum Bedouins by a water well in Wadi Rum Meeting with Bedouins in Wadi Araba Conversation among Bedouins in Wadi Rum Camel herder Swimming in the Dead Sea Healing in the Dead Sea Modern woman in Amman Bedouin before prayer in Amman Bedouin settlement around modern Amman