The Wonder People - Faces of Resilience People and Climate Change
Japan: Amazing Culture and Nature Niger: Beautiful and Surprising Iran: Amazing People and Nature Morocco: Slowly Changing Denmark at Its Best Canada: Around the Arctic Panama: Old & New Omo Valley Ethiopia: Tribes Threadened by Climate Change Guatemala: Coping with Climate Change Brazil: The Worst Drought Cuba: In Slow Transition Argentina: Glacier melt in Patagonia Syria in a changing climate Jordan: Climate and Other Impacts Algeria: In Transition Tunisia after the spring Egypt: Beyond the revolution Yemen hard hit by climate change Lebanon: Climate & other change Oman: A hidden gem Brazil: Drought (B&W) The Gulf: Here and now China in transition
Fisherman on Thuang Tha Man Lake, Myanmar Pont U-Bein over Thuang Tha Man Lake, Amarapura, Myanmar Morning Fishing from Boats in Amarapura, Myanmar Moken Fisherman in Mergui Archipelago, Myanmar Fisherman in Amarapura, Myanmar Khamti Shan Women Fetching Water in Chindwin River, Myanmar Khamti Shan Women by the Chindwin River, Myanmar Rohingya Family Enclosed in Their Home in Sittwe, Rakhine State, Myanmar Naga Woman with Tattoos in the Northern Myanmar Chin Elder in Her Home on the Lemro River, Myanmar Chine woman, Rakhine State, Myanmar Betel-nut-chewing Chin woman, Myanmar Naga Woman Fetching Firewood in Myanmar Worker Offloads Fish in Rakhine State, Myanmar Sorting Fish, Myanmar Chicken Sellers on Market Day, Myanmar Rice Shelling in Naga Village, Myanmar Fish Seller, Myanmar Morning in the Fish Port in Sittwe, Myanmar Moken Women are Sealing Their Boats, Myanmar Bamboo Workers on Chindwin River, Myanmar Shan Women Are Walking Home from Work, Myanmar Monks Crossing Pont U-Bein, Myanmar Monks Shaving in Myanmar Breakfast in Monastery in Myanmar Naga Village School in Myanmar Naga Youth Doing His Homework, Myanmar School Children in Their School, Myanmar Boy Fetching Wood, Myanmar Walking Home in Mrauk-U, Myanmar Bamboo Camp on Chindwin River, Myanmar Sunset on the River, Myanmar Sunrise over Pagodas in Mrauk-U, Myanmar Moken Children Playing in the Mergui Archipelago, Myanmar Moken Girl Rowing in the Rain, Myanmar Moken Children Rowing Home in the Rain, Myanmar Fisherman on the Chindwin River in the Early Morning Sun, Myanmar Thuang Tha Man Lake, Amarapura, Myanmar Checking the Catch, Myanmar Fisherman and Monk, Myanmar Monks in Monastery, Myanmar Naga, Myanmar Tattooed Naga Woman, Myanmar Naga Women in a Rice Field in the Mountains, Myanmar Tattooed Chin Woman, Myanmar Last Spider-Web Tattoo made in the Village, Myanmar Moken Smoking in His Village, Myanmar Chin Women Relaxing in a Home by the Chindwin River, Myanmar Shan Boy Is Heading to the Field, Myanmar Naga Man Making Baskets Next to the Fire, Myanmar